Urban Retro is for PippiRabbit now!

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Urban Retro by PippiRabbit
Urban Retro, a photo by PippiRabbit on Flickr.
I finally found the word that link with the fashion and design style that's been 'embedded' in me for a long time. Of course the word have been around for a long time but I just never get to relate it to what I like even when I was a graphic designer. But now I have a design direction with words to describe. :) Trying and allowing oneself to be expose to everything is the process of finding the one true self in the end is what I believe now. And did I mention that I love vocal jazz too, now to me it seem to complete my puzzling taste for urban retro..LOL

*This is my latest bag creation of which I think represent me now, happy and totally comfortable with how it was created and completed.


Obsession with Japanese fabric

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I think I'm officially obsess and in love with japanese linen printed fabric. I just closed my eye and make order of a batch of Kokka fabric after pondering over the high price tag for almost 2 wks before I made my order, knowing that the design is actually left over from last year and will be out of print soon if i still don't buy it. Then after a day I'm drooling over Kokka's new batch of fabric design Ruby Star Spring from Melody Miller for this fall 2011.

OMG...the combination of that color scheme and choice of patterns is totally what i LIKE...a very soothing retro but yet it has a contemporary feel to it, especially attracted to the dragonfly piece which I pasted on top. Argggghhhh....wish someone would buy all my bags then I could use all that money to buy all that lovely fabric..*sob