Strawberry Bib

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A first try of making baby bib for a colleague of mine who had her first baby girl.

I first had the thought of this design and then went online to find a few example but not exactly what I want. So I went to the fabric store and was happy to find that they actually sell towel fabric which is perfect for the leafs of my strawberry bib and I bought the polka dots red fabric only to realize later that the color will run, next time I'll remember to buy quilting fabric instead which are less prone to color run. It's so cute but too bad I didn't get a chance to photograph the baby wearing it.


"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish"

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The world seem a little different today when we say goodbye to a great innovator and creator of our time. Thank you for bringing all the beautiful, smart and entertaining electronic products to our life, I'm grateful that I've live in the same time as you for my adulthood to enjoy whatever that you have to offer for this world. Goodbye genius.