Inspired by Mark Rothko

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Quite recently, I chance upon the artwork of Mark Rothko while doing my usual aimless web surfing, and for some reason I was very much attracted to his style of painting with simplicity of form and choice of color combination. I remember seeing those block of paints in art reference book during my school days, but apparently they look 'simple' and meaningless from my immature perspective for art at that time, when we only 'wow' at all the famous painting that have photographic details and fantasy theme. Now I'm sure that it's the age that's playing trick to how I perceive art all over again. Or it's just like how adult read the meaning behind fairytales and classic children story sometimes I believe.

Anyway, I'm inspired by his work for sure. I did a quick digital painting with my Wacom with PippiRabbit in mind of course, and then it became part of the design of my new tote. :) Thank You Mr. Rothko.

Click here for details from my Etsy Store


Let's do some fabric design!

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I just received my little sample package from Spoonflower today. Sample of fabric choice and a piece of color guide fabric. I have been following the development of this online fabric printing shop for quite some times now, and finally decided to try my hand on doing some fabric design for my bag. I'm not sure if my little plan will succeed but I'm sure I'll enjoy doing it. Wish me luck! :)


PippiRabbit's New Modified Logo

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I've finally decided to print the new logo for my bag's label when I finish using the last one of the previous design. Why the change? because the last logo separated the word into 'PIPPI' 'Rabbit' which causes a bit of confusion when stranger tries to spell it out into PIPPIRabbit which should be PippiRabbit, and i must admit it's my mistake..**shame shame.

The new logo font is still handwritten by using my stylus, digitally of course. So it's a unique logo font. It's not conform to the usual stereo typing rules that logo should be simple and clear so as to establish a define and clear branding image to the mass public as what we all learn in art school and always insisted by the average clients. For my logo, I want it to represent a very personal handmade style, a design label that only speaks to individual who tries to understand and appreciate the style; just as the words only makes sense if you tries to 'read' it otherwise it appears as a mess of scribbles. Standing and admiring something from a distant are for the superfi-rians (I made up the word)  who wants to keep up with the average and the trend, standing afar makes them see what everybody is doing so as to follow so. PippiRabbit just want to live on the edge and enjoy her carrot.


My Earning from a Flea Market Event

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Yet another experience of Flea Market for PippiRabbit has completed. The result? Monetary return will never ever be the winner in my case, because I don't mass produce my good in a factory (or mass produce the parts with computerized automated machine and assemble them on the spot within a few minutes), which is in fact a realistic approach if you ever want to make a living for doing retail business. My bags occupied half a 1sq meter table which I shared with my friend for the rental fee. My goods look minimal and doesn't have the mass market appeal (which actually is where I'm heading..the niche, unique and different arena) And yes..I'm a dreamer, a stubborn crafter/artist and a free thinker. But, I did earn great confidence this time from those very few customers who bought my good. Their facial expression when something caught their eyes and the determine look that say 'I gonna buy that' makes me 'Richer' already. I've sold some of my favorite and proudest bag and wristlet, and I've earned more confident to move on. :D


Public Garden Flea Market at MICA 18-19 August

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I'm joining the local flea market for the 3rd time this coming weekend to sell my handmade bags with my best friend Bev (ev.B), who is selling very unique and beautiful handmade earrings and rings made by herself.

Click on the poster above for more details on the time and venue.



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Have you ever played minesweeper before? Whereby a chance of encounter opens up a new era of opportunity if you are lucky or if you get a 'bomb'. I just found my new era of interest in embroidery design, going deeper in researching each stitches and how it'll work appropriatly in each design was like a new discovery to me. The needle works like a paintbrush and the colorful thread are the paints. Sewing the design to a useful item such as a bag or pouch compliments my motto of creating craft that are beautiful, functional and makes me happy in the process of creation.

More details of the hand embroidered pouch from my little etsy shop here:


Dreamy Little Sketch

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Random sketch on paper + iPhone camera + Pixlromatic App + Blogger App = PippiRabbit status :)


PippiRabbit going to play at Public Garden..

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I'm bringing PippiRabbit to Public Garden's Flea Market this coming 18 Feb 2012 (Sat) at Goodman Arts Centre from 1pm - 8pm. We're going to share a booth with our dear friend ev.B in showcasing our handmade goods. Do drop by to say 'Hi' if you happen to be there and know about our creation through our etsy shop or blog. :)

There'll be an art exhibition on location too!!! Great collaboration of artistic flea and exhibition.
More info here

p.s. really like that logo image of public garden...we all want to be like a little child and discover our own secret garden where dreams and fantasy exist, no matter how old we gets...ahhhhhhh


Woodlands Tote & PippiRabbit

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Looking at this photo which I took earlier this afternoon reminds me of a quote that say “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” by Paul Valery (French Poet, Essayist and Critic, 1871-1945)

I hope I'm awake and stay awake long enough for my dream to flourish... :)
p.s. my new woodlands bag for sale here.