Dreamy Little Sketch

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Random sketch on paper + iPhone camera + Pixlromatic App + Blogger App = PippiRabbit status :)


PippiRabbit going to play at Public Garden..

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I'm bringing PippiRabbit to Public Garden's Flea Market this coming 18 Feb 2012 (Sat) at Goodman Arts Centre from 1pm - 8pm. We're going to share a booth with our dear friend ev.B in showcasing our handmade goods. Do drop by to say 'Hi' if you happen to be there and know about our creation through our etsy shop or blog. :)

There'll be an art exhibition on location too!!! Great collaboration of artistic flea and exhibition.
More info here http://www.noisesingapore.com/happenings/details/id/64

p.s. really like that logo image of public garden...we all want to be like a little child and discover our own secret garden where dreams and fantasy exist, no matter how old we gets...ahhhhhhh