Inspired by Mark Rothko

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Quite recently, I chance upon the artwork of Mark Rothko while doing my usual aimless web surfing, and for some reason I was very much attracted to his style of painting with simplicity of form and choice of color combination. I remember seeing those block of paints in art reference book during my school days, but apparently they look 'simple' and meaningless from my immature perspective for art at that time, when we only 'wow' at all the famous painting that have photographic details and fantasy theme. Now I'm sure that it's the age that's playing trick to how I perceive art all over again. Or it's just like how adult read the meaning behind fairytales and classic children story sometimes I believe.

Anyway, I'm inspired by his work for sure. I did a quick digital painting with my Wacom with PippiRabbit in mind of course, and then it became part of the design of my new tote. :) Thank You Mr. Rothko.

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