Believable 'Soul'

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Have you ever notice those 'eyes' attached to the plush doll or character? They are always the key factor that determine whether there is a believable 'soul' within those lifeless, man-man creature like thingy that you may call toy? Why are children so attach to their hugging doll sometimes and talk to them as if they will understand? Is this proof that human race are born to make believe 'things' from our wonderful mind with imagination and fantasy, and are we the only living thing capable of doing so? What about dogs and cats? And why this topic suddenly? LOL...because that's exactly what I felt when I look at my finished, handmade plush rabbit! Looking into those rounded metallic eyes that have this rim of metal reflection from the lights and those hollow dark indents in the center that resembles the pupil. My plush rabbit has a believable 'soul' within it's polyester cotton filled body, truly! :)
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