Personalized Canvas Pouch for Someone Special

5:39 PM artcher 0 Comments

Ideas or inspiration could appear in different way and circumstances. It may be developed through a logical method such as drawing a Mind-mapping chart or through a brain storming session. Or in my case recently, was to make something for a specific person.

I'm making a birthday gift for my aunt. This is the first birthday gift that I've given her even since. She never want to tell us her birthday until I sort of push her into telling me her special date last year. I wanted to make something personalized for her and after much thought, the final decision fall on using the initial of her name P. E. L. As you can see I was inspired to make a few more pouches after that initial idea. The printed design was drawn and cut on freezer paper to be ironed on the canvas fabric. Screen printing ink was used to paint over the stencil for a permanent print. The final outcome was a personalised handmade pouch which I'm proud to gift to my aunt. :)

My little creation is available from my Etsy shop here.