Why PippiRabbit?

7:32 PM artcher 0 Comments

Sometimes people ask me why I name my product PippiRabbit and why not PippiBear or PippiGiraffe etc. The reason is quite straight forward for me, it was simply derived from 2 unforgettable fictional character from my childhood, Pippi Longstocking and Miffy Rabbit... Ahhhhhh... Now you see :) I admire Pippi Longstocking's crazy and playful character that is out of this world for a little red haired girl of her age and I was simply attracted to Miffy Rabbit's simple form and a kind of 'silent' when look at her eyes and cross mouth (Yes, to me that is her mouth). 

Then why the sudden mention of them? Because I'm so excited  and yet jealous that my Mr & Mrs Brush PippiRabbit are going to the homeland of Miffy Rabbit - Netherlands very soon! Owwwwww....  I wish I could hand deliver them there myself....urgggggg :( why am I jealous of my bags and plush now...