In Memoriam of Singapore Founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

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We are now in the national mourning week for our country's founding Prime Minister and Father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who has left us on 23 March 2015, 0318hr.

And I finally have some quiet time to sit in front of my MacBook to write this piece of tribute to a great man who have done a great deal of mammoth work that laid the foundation for Singapore's success and prosperity today. I have search through the internet for a picture that I personally felt represent him the best, which is the moment when he is giving a speech with microphone pointing at him when he speak. That is how I remembered him from television, a serious politician who is always doing the thinking and putting his words and plans into action. It was only from recent reports and documentaries that reveal the other side of his life as a caring brother, loving husband and father that we have a more dimensional view of this leader. Much have been talked about him..and yes he has indeed done so much and affected so many people in his life time that nothing was enough said about him.

In my opinion, he reminds me of Steve Jobs. Highly smart genius among the human race, who seem to know exactly what to do in achieving a goal when they have lock their mission in life. It was with full passion and determination that they make sure nothing could stop them no matter how many time they fail. I may not explain myself clearly here but it always seem mysterious and magical that, nature of life has a mean of injecting the essence that create the balance necessary for evolution and progression in different aspect of life, nature, science, medicine etc. That dose of 'essence' may come in the form of a natural disaster, accident, coincident event or birth of a special person. And to a poor piece of small island on this Earth in the beginning, it is Sir Stamford Raffles who founded us and it is Lee Kuan Yew who give her a bright future. And I'm just one of the fortunate, normal being who happen to be a Singaporean. Thank you for being born and for everything that you have done for Singapore. May you rest in peace now Mr Lee :)