Tommy Print Namecard Review

12:03 PM artcher 0 Comments

I have finally printed Namecard for my PippiRabbit. After some searching on the web, I decided to try Tommy Print which was located at Funan DigitalLife Mall who offer 360gsm paper for $30/100pcs + $6 rounded corner clipping. Which means that each card is $0.36!

The result? The printing quality and matte lamination is average because I can still spot tiny air bubble with my designer trained eye! I can still accept all that BUT what I cannot agree with are the 4 rounded corner that come in obvious uneven size and shape! The quality control is obviously lacking in this area! And when I raised my concern on the spot of collection, the sales person told me unless I opted for die-cut it would be better!? So I paid extra $6 purposely for uneven rounded corner? I think they should just cancel that service!

So what I'm going to do now is buy a round corner punch and correct the mistake myself. Haiz... Sad...