How to prevent canvas fabric from yellowing after washing

11:04 AM artcher 0 Comments

Recently I was doing an experiment on washing my acrylic painted pouch to see if the color will come off or stain the fabric. The paint colors stayed fine after washing but the white canvas were tainted with some uneven yellowing color.

I searched the internet for solutions and realize  this is actually a common problem for canvas products e.g. Canvas sneakers especially. And luckily I found the answer here Thanks to them for sharing the tip.

So here's the simple instructions for my painted pouch:
- Wash the pouch in mild soapy water.
- Rinse the pouch until water runs clear.
- Extract excess water.
- Wrap toilet paper all around the pouch tightly while it's still wet.
- Air dry the pouch under shade.
- Wait for at least 24hrs to unwrap the toilet paper and let it dry completely.
- Iron the pouch with a ironing cloth on top with medium temperature.
- Continue using the nice and clean pouch! :)