Wall art for your living space

2:08 PM artcher 0 Comments

My most recent wall art was a black cat with the quote "Home is where my cat is". I've always imagine myself living with a pet (rabbit, cat or dog) but due to some personal reason I have to hold back my desire. The present of a animal in the house makes the home a more welcoming living space when you come home from work or oversea holiday as I imagine. I used to own a rabbit when I was living with my parents, she was the first thing that I want to see when I arrive home actually (sorry mum/dad). So when I was conceptualising for this cat poster, I don't want it to look like a clip art for the wall only, she has to look as thought she is already living in the same space as me.

Here's the Link to the printable poster where you can purchase the digital file and print it yourself or bring it to your local print shop for a professional print.