Making a Photobook for my craft market booth

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One of thing that got me interested when I visit the Flea market was to flip through the portfolio or 'Lookbook' of other crafters. It gives me a quick idea of what the brand is about and what are the available products other than those on display. However, I quickly realise that the usual practise of compiling the portfolio in a A4 clear folder could be presented in a more professional way, simply by creating your own Lookbook through a professional photobook printer! Believe me, it's totally affordable because I'm a poor crafter too. I source through the internet and read all reviews, compare prices and finally settled on Photobook ( Mine was printed through their Singapore branch website) By the way, my first vacation photobook was printed through Apple using iPhoto, so it's not my first try to print photobook so I know how expensive it could be.

There are basically a few reasons that I decided to recommend and write about this Photobook website:

• For other crafter, I think this is a good way to promote your brand on site, especially if you're the quiet type like me. It is also a great memento to keep for life.

• It's affordable with the highest discount available for a 40 pages, soft cover booklet. At that point of time about 1 year ago, I spent S$16 or about USD$12 (inc. shipping fee) on my 40 pages, 11"x8.5" Medium Landscape Softcover book.

• This company have the best website design among the other online photo printing company. I'm a webpage designer and I take that into consideration whether the page is user-friendly and provide the necessary information for consumer. I also use their 'Photobook Designer' software to compile and layout the photos. My added advantage as a graphic designer was to add my own logo and background patterns to my layout even though the App did provide options for clipart to decorate your page.

• You can buy the promotional voucher first and decide when to use the promo code later (within a period of time, about 2 months) while you get your photobook layout ready using their App. The quality of the paper and print is acceptable, even though the color contrast is a bit darker than I expected, but my computer screen wasn't calibrated for print so it's okay for me. Next time I'll remember to make my photo brighter.

All the best to your business and making your first Lookbook!


  1. I don't believe I've ever read a blog about photobooking before, and I was unaware that it was something that could be so expensive. My wife is a crafter, and I can definitely see how creating a lookbook for crafts would be beneficial for selling said crafts.

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild

    1. Yes indeed, it's very affordable and a good method to present your work to flea market customer or even retail shop owner if you ever try to sell them your products on consignment or wholesale.