I Am Highly Sensitive

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I am a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). After living for such a long time till this age, I just learnt this official term, scientific term is SPS 'Sensory-Processing Sensitivity'. 

This is not a disorder according to what I found from Google. But according to my life experience with this 'unique' trait of mine, it causes me to live uncomfortably and irritated with myself and my environment from time to time especially during my working years. But on the other hand I also built a skill and career out of this trait. I was a graphic designer, especially sensitive to colours, visual, alignment, feel and mood of imagery.

I wish I had known that I'm a HSP, this would be so convenient in explaining my behaviour and express my discomfort to people that care for us. 

• I get distracted in conversation easily and the opposite party get annoyed by my 'rude' body language respond. 

• I get agitated when I'm hungry but colleagues still dilly dally and dragging their feet to lunch. 

• I had to block my right ear with my finger in a cinema theatre when some stranger somewhere on my right side is twisting the straw in the plastic drink cup.

• I get startled easily by sudden touch, noise or appearance of someone.

• I get shaky in school or even among my colleagues when I need to do simple presentation in front of people.

Now, I'm quite amazed with myself how I survived all these years... I actually survived so much scared and irritation to my sensors without ending up in a mental ward. LOL