My Top 10 iPhone Apps of the month!

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I've decided to pay a tribute to some of my favorite and free-for-dowload iPhone Apps that I'm playing recently by doing some simple review here. Since I've only started using an iPhone recently (the fantastic iPhone 4) so these App may not be new to some people but if you're one of those newbie like me, you could try my list here as a starter. Have fun!

*So now you know why i've no time to update my blog beside doing some sewing and having a part-time day job.

From top left to right:

  • Veggie Samurai
    - simply addictive to slice up veggie thrown into the air but doing it skillfully without smashing the poison potion mixed among the chaotic scene.
  • Sky Burger
    - love seeing my sky high burger stacking up taller than the background skyscaper. Be amuse by some of the order list that you need to fulfill, e.g. 10 layers of pickles, 8 layers of tomato..and no cheese or beef patty..LOL
  • BowQuest: PandaMania!
    - reminds me of that kunfu panda, but this one just shot and shot the arrow non stop at the enemy. Testing my estimation of angle and distant while aiming at the enemy.
  • Chop Chop Ninja
    - such cute and agile ninja that fear nothing of the giant size scorpion, snake and simply 'chop chop' kill them all with swift move...and the ugly illustration of the princess that's waiting to be rescued was simply hilarious.
  • Traffic Rush
    - imagining myself to be the god's eye while controlling every motorist that are passing my cross junction, trying to think of road safety and getting high-score at the same time.
  • FraggerFree
    - a humorous game that test some of my wit and estimation skill. Love seeing the funny facial reaction of the dummie enemy that's waiting to be bomb by my grenade.
  • DeepSea
    - this one simple let you go on and on and on...there's no game level but simple addictive as u let the submarine goes deep deep into the sea, avoiding obstacles and anxiously praying for more oxygen tank to appears before the oxygen runs out
  • Pizza Shop Mania
    - think this is more of a girl's kind of game, playing role of a pizza shop owner, getting exciting over earning more money and getting new machinery to power up your shop efficiency. This has a storyline that goes across the different months of the year..and you see autumn leave to winter snow illustration in the background of the progress stage scene. Really like all these little details.
  • Rhythm Spirite
    - this one test your finger synchronizations to hit the notes on's not easy to play on a iphone when u need to be aware of 4 buttons on screen and sometimes pressing 2 at the same time. But this game has a unique interactive approach that matches the storyline..especially the part when u need to play a flute tune to make the enemy goes to sleep. 
  • iOrgel
    - this is not a game but because i like musical box and playing piano, this app let you compose your own song to be played on a music box can even download and listen to song by others or upload your own to be share..but i'm not talented enough to do that yet..hahaha..