My Earning from a Flea Market Event

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Yet another experience of Flea Market for PippiRabbit has completed. The result? Monetary return will never ever be the winner in my case, because I don't mass produce my good in a factory (or mass produce the parts with computerized automated machine and assemble them on the spot within a few minutes), which is in fact a realistic approach if you ever want to make a living for doing retail business. My bags occupied half a 1sq meter table which I shared with my friend for the rental fee. My goods look minimal and doesn't have the mass market appeal (which actually is where I'm heading..the niche, unique and different arena) And yes..I'm a dreamer, a stubborn crafter/artist and a free thinker. But, I did earn great confidence this time from those very few customers who bought my good. Their facial expression when something caught their eyes and the determine look that say 'I gonna buy that' makes me 'Richer' already. I've sold some of my favorite and proudest bag and wristlet, and I've earned more confident to move on. :D


Public Garden Flea Market at MICA 18-19 August

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I'm joining the local flea market for the 3rd time this coming weekend to sell my handmade bags with my best friend Bev (ev.B), who is selling very unique and beautiful handmade earrings and rings made by herself.

Click on the poster above for more details on the time and venue.