My Midnight Forest

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As I was preparing my latest package for shipping just now, I begin to recall my intention for this particular project from the beginning. It was purely a self expression of what I wanted in an art form, as a craft artist (if I may call myself that :P). For this project, there was no fear of whether it will sell ultimately because most of the time artistic self expression is a just a messy abstract thoughts that outsider simple don't understand or illogical in appearance. The only way to bridge the concept to the outside world was to create a scenario or a project with a explanatory story in my case.

“The darkness of midnight is melting into PippiLand’s forest. All animals and plants are falling asleep calmly. There is no fear of night predators in this piece of land. It is safe for everyone. :) Sweet dreams to all.”

"For when we are asleep, we are at the most vulnerable state. Yet the fear of unforeseen happening that may disturb or hurt us put us into alertness even in our sweetest dream. Therefore, I'm creating and dreaming through this piece of project with no fear of whatsoever criticism, social feedback or commercial value it may bring."

BUT...out of many present surprise, this piece does connect itself to many individual through Pinterest and lastly I was deeply touched and happy when it was sold yesterday through my store. I'm happy and thankful now, I'm not alone with my crazy art.